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We mandate our privacy policy as below, and formulate, enforce, maintain, and conduct improvement activities, for our internal structure of privacy management.
  • We shall abide by our mandate internal bylaws, that adequate personal information are gathered, used, and provided, based on the consideration of business content and scale.
  • For any unauthorized access to personal information, any loss, damage, tampering, and/or leakage of personal information, preventive measures shall be taken in conjunction with swiftly rectifying actions in the event of its occurrence.
  • We shall abide bylaws and other criteria related to personal information.
  • We shall continuously improve the structure of personal information management.

Handling Personal Information

We shall handle provided personal information within the purpose of the below mentioned.
  • related to operational work for various campaign office/secretariat
  • related to operational work for various event office/secretariat
  • sales-related conduct
Please note that we may use personal information for execution purpose within the extent necessary even after cancellation of contract with contractor.
We may consign received personal information to subcontractors or business partners, to achieve above mentioned usage purpose.
In that circumstance, we shall be responsible to select adequate subcontractor, and adequately manage the handled personal information upon exchange of contract.
Also, based on laws and regulations, we may provide information to public institutions such as the court and/or police, upon disclosure request. Privacy Policy is subjest to change.

Information Security

We make assurance double sure in our policy, to surely secure personal information of our clients, and to comply with client's intention upon its usage.
Data will be stored with access limitation. Also, we place due attention to avoid loss, misusage, usage without permission, exposure, alteration, and damage, of the data.


For further information regarding our privacy policy, please contact administaration department of personal information.

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