T2 Creative Co., Ltd.


1. Complying Corporate Ethics and Laws

(1) We shall correctly comprehend and comply with any laws related to business.

(2) We shall internally implement awareness activities for a higher consciousness of compliance, in order to deliver with sensible fairness and transparent corporate activity with respect to societal norms.

(3) We shall clearly place under our internal control system as our risk management matter to prevent damage, that business with or funding anti-social forces is beyond question.

2. Adequate Information Management

(1) We shall perceive the magnitude of responsibility and mission for promotional activities for society and business partner, shall be thorough in information management and employee training, and shall properly implement handling confidential information of business partner and internally.

(2) We ban insider trading, and employee training shall be thoroughly conducted.

(3) We shall in a timely manner, adequately disclose necessary information to stakeholders.

3. Adequate Approach Towards Environmental Issues

(1) We shall take in consideration, global environment protection, consumer safety, and shall consolidate activities and rules in order to promote business, hold alliance with business partner, and implement employee training.

4. Maintain and Improve Work Environment

(1) We shall take into consideration, human rights and safety at work for employees, and shall endeavor to secure a work environment of neither unwarrantable discrimination nor harassment.

(2) We shall fulfill our human resource and educational training system, to respect each and every individual employee, to maximize their ability at full, and in order for them to dully dedicate in their work.

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