T2 Creative Co., Ltd.

Shigeharu Matsushima


Event Producer

Shigeharu Matsushima

Personal History

Born in 1980, Nagano. Joined T2 Creative in 2009.
Involved in wide range of events and promotional events, with speedy execution in his workmanship.
Recent works include new challenges, from tandem digital-&-real event promotions, nationwide projects, to various tie-in events.


[ Event / PR / Promotion]
  • NISSAN, TOYOTA, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren Automotive, docomo, mmbi, KDDI, SONY, FUJITSU, LG, HTC, Samsung, Google, Yahoo, Cyber Agent, LINE, Zkai, Coca-Cola, SUNTORY, KIRIN, ASAHI, Calpis, Nestle JAPAN, HOUSE WELLNESS FOODS, POKKA SAPPORO, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Family Mart, TAISEISEIYAKU, Haagen-Dazs, KYORAKU, Star Exhibition, CD SHOP Award , COGOO, GSK, Manulife Life, JRA, LUMINE Opening Event, DAIKANYAMA ART STREET, DESIGN TOUCH, adidas, KAO, KOSE, NUSKIN, etc.
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