T2 Creative Co., Ltd.

Tomoya Iwase


Event Producer

Tomoya Iwase

Personal History

Born in 1981, Aichi. Joined T2 Creative in 2004.
Currently involved in event and promotional production.


[ Event / PR / Promotion ]
  • Adobe, BACARDI JAPAN, Daihatsu, DeAGOSTINI JAPAN, docomo, Fujikura, Gibson, google, Kao, Kanebo, KOSE, House Foods Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Japan, HTC NIPPON, LG, LION, LOTTE, McDonald's, Mercedes-Benz Japan, Mister Donut, MITSUBISHI ESTATE, MITSUBISHI MOTORS, mizkan, mmbi, MOS BURGER, Nakagawa Chemical, Nestle Japan, Nomura Investor Relations, PAL, Panasonic, Philips Japan, Recruit, Samsung, Sapporo Breweries Limited, StarFes., Suntory, Shiseido, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, SQUARE ENIX, TOYOTA, VICS, etc.
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